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Still Can’t Get Over Tuesday’s Orioles Game


Disclaimer: I still watch Orioles games. I talking big chunks of them, if not all nine innings. Despite football being right around the corner, I still care and watch a ton.

And to say that this season has been tough to watch would be a severe understatement. But nonetheless I still watch and part of me does so because with the sport of baseball, there is always the chance to see something new/different.

Take this past Tuesday evening for example. The Orioles and Yankees took just over three hours to play a nine inning ballgame. Pretty standard for a major league game. But pretty crazy when you toss in the fact that because of a four hour rain delay, first pitch wasn’t thrown until 11:08 PM…EASTERN TIME!

Because this was the last trip to New York the Orioles would make this year and there were no more dates on the schedule for make up games, Tuesday’s contest had to be played by any means necessary.

And did they ever.

Paul Folkemer of summed it up pretty well at this point:


Is…is this a joke? Is this actually happening? We’re actually going to play a baseball game in a downpour, four hours after the scheduled start time, in rain-soaked conditions that Noah himself would consider a dealbreaker? Do I even need to point out how incredibly and recklessly dangerous that is to the players on the muddy, puddle-ridden field, any of whom could suffer a season-ending injury with one ill-fated slip on wet grass? What is going on? This isn’t baseball– this is a soggy debacle.



What ensued was a rather exciting baseball game. The Orioles fell behind early 2-0. But then tied it up on a Matt Wieters homerun.

The birds fell behind again, 3-2. This time Nick Markakis tied it up with an RBI double.

But thanks to back to back Yankee homeruns in the seventh from Francisco Cervelli and Brett Gardner, New York sealed the deal.

The Cercelli homer (see top picture) was eerily reminiscent of the 1996 ALCS when 12 year old Jeffrey Maier reached over the wall to catch a ball that was ultimately ruled a Yankee homerun.

Words don’t do justice, this game was crazy to watch. It ended at 2:15 am with no more than 1,000 fans in Yankee stadium.

Just a bizarre night.


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