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Ravens continue to roll, crush Bengals 34-3

Sunday, November 30, 2008: 5:07 PM


What a statement made by the Ravens this afternoon. Here are my thoughts regarding the win.

1) MARK CLAYTON: What a game by #89. If he had found a way to score on the ground he would have become only the 8th player in NFL history to run, catch, and throw a touchdown in the same game. Two spectacular catches were made en route to a 159 yard day in overall receiving yards

2) DOMINANT D: Once again the D came to play. They were suffocating against the Cincy run, allowing only 57 yards, and held the Bengals to 98 yards passing. Jim Leonhard topped the beat-down off with a 35 yard interception return for a TD.

3) McCLAIN DOES IT AGAIN: Le’Ron McClain went over 85 yards on the ground for the 2nd time in as many weeks, he is running the ball like a machine. It is unbelievable how agile and quick he is for carrying a 260 pound frame.

4) WILLIS WHO?: After talking about McClain, it’s hard not to talk about the absence of Willis McGahee. He dressed for the game but did not get one carry, sitting on the sideline the entire game. I do not believe he is hurt…maybe he has not shown the effort in practice. I really can’t explain this. But to have him complimenting Rice/McClain can really make this rushing attack a threat every down.

5) JOE FLACCO: All the guy does is make the plays time and time again. He got sacked a few times, got hit more than few times, yet still made no costly mistakes. You really forget he is a rookie with the composure he has and the decisions he makes.


Friday Notes

Friday, November 28, 2008: 2:15 PM

•Hope you had a nice thanksgiving. Here are a few notes:

•The Ravens announced this morning that the NFL has pushed the start time of their Dec. 14th game vs Pittsburgh to 4:15 PM.

•The Maryland Terrapins looked really fluid last night in their big win over #5 Michigan State in the Old Spice Classic. The Terps play again this evening against Gonzaga. You can catch it at 5:30 on ESPN

Ravens – ‘Skins Dec. 7 matchup gets “flexed”

Monday, November 24, 2008: 6:00 PM

Ray Lewis and the Ravens got flexed today

Ray Lewis and the Ravens got flexed today

•Sorry this news is a little bit late but it is noteworthy anyway. I first heard of the news this morning around 10:45. The NFL announced today that  they are bagging the Patriots and Seahawks game that was scheduled for Sunday Night Football on Dec. 7. In that game’s place they will put the Ravens vs. the Redskins. This is a great example of the league using it’s flexible scheduling feature. Something that was added in the 2006 season. With the ability to “flex”, the league can pick the best game from each Sunday and move it to the 8:15 time-slot, if the best game isn’t already there. This makes everyone happy. Fans will want to tune in and that is always good news for the NFL, and in this case, NBC. It is a pretty safe assumption to say that the Ravens will wear their black uniforms for this game. They didn’t have a scheduled home night game this year so it looked as if the black uni’s might take a year off.

•I think I like the Packers on Monday Night Football this evening. Well I am off to wing night now. Thank you for reading.

Showdown Saturday

Saturday, November 22, 2008: 3:11 PM


-Some fantastic games are going on today. The early games are just getting wrapped up, so here is a quick look at what else is happening today.

•At 3:30, Michigan State visits Penn State in a critical Big10 matchup

•Maryland hosts FSU at 7:45. The senario is simple for the Terps. If they win they are pretty much a lock to go to the ACC Championship in Tampa. If they lose, then they will be fighting down to the wire with BC and FSU to try to secure a spot in that title game.

•A huge game takes place tonight in Norman, Oklahoma. The #5 Sooners host the #2 Texas Tech Red Raiders. This game is going to be an explosion of offense and I am so excited to see who prevails. Yesterday, Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News posted some cool numbers/trends regarding tonights matchup. Here is that post

Ocho Cinco Out; Mussina Retires

Thursday, November 20, 2008: 5:10 PM

•Chad Johnson has been deactivated for tonight’s game between his Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The reason: He showed up 45 minutes late to a team meeting. I don’t know what to make of this. It can be seen as a major breakthrough as Marvin Lewis has never really been one to bench star players. It doesn’t really make a difference though for the Bengals. They are having a nightmare of a season and not having “Ocho Cinco” in the lineup tonight will have zero effect on the outcome. The Steelers are going to win the game easily. With or without 85.

•In baseball news, one of my all-time favorite pitchers, Mike Mussina, called it a career today. He finished with 270 career wins and finally got to the 20 win mark this past season, a feat he had come very close to achieving several times in his career. He becomes the first pitcher to retire after a 20-win season since Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax in 1966. He spent 10 seasons here in Baltimore and left after the 2000 season to join the Yankees in pursuit of a several world championships. Unfortunately for Moose he never got one but he will still go down as one of the best pitchers of the mid to late 90’s. Some people debate whether he is Hall of Fame worthy. In my opinion he is without question a Hall of Famer. It would be a shame if he does not get in during his first year of eligibility

Streak for the Cash

Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 11:04 PM


•Over on, there is a fantasy game that is free to play and open to anyone (Well, almost anyone. You have to be 18 and live in the U.S.). It is called Streak for the Cash and it is very simple to play and seemingly impossible to win. The first person to get 25 consecutive picks right wins $1 million.  The things you can pick range from college sports to pro sports to soccer games accross the pond. Some are stright up pick the winner. Others are “props” where you predict which will have more yards receiving, or something along those lines. You can only get in around 3 picks a day max though because once you make a pick, you cannot make anoither one until your current one goes final. I have been playing for a few months now and the best streak I have thrown together is 6.  There is a leaderboard you can check out and it usually has people hovering around 20. And they almost always fail. The whole reason for me writing this post is not to promote ESPN, but to point out that as of tonight, there is one user who is sitting at a streak of 23. 2 correct picks away from a cool million. That is awesome. But can you imagine being that close and being on the wrong end of a 50-50 selection. Oh my the agony. Here is a link to that leaderboard

Leaving for the stadium

Sunday, November 16, 2008: 10:06 AM


•I don’t have too much time to preview today’s ravens game in depth. I’m about to leave for the stadium. The main thing to watch is the league’s top ranked rushing offense (New York) versus the league’s top ranked rush defense (Baltimore). The weather is going to be partly cloudy with the highs in the 40’s and some significant wind…15-20 mph. GO RAVENS!

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