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NBA/Stanley Cup Playoffs = AWESOME

Anyone I run into lately has had to put up with my constant endorsing of the Stanley Cup (NHL) Playoffs and the NBA Playoffs.

I cannot get enough of it! There are exciting games being played literally every night, which is the best part. God bless the NFL, it is by far my favorite sport, but the waiting each week for the games drives me crazy. There is nothing like this time of year when there is action on every evening.

Now I will admit, part of my interest in these games is because I usually have a dog in the fight because I bet on the games using Cent Sports (which is a very cool site and is deserving of it’s on blog post on here some other day). But even if I wasn’t pulling for this team or that to cover by x number of points…you can’t ignore the intensity of these games in both sports.

Take last night for example. First up was Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi’s between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers. It was a tight game throughout and the B’s Milan Lucic scored the go ahead goal with just over four minutes to play. Boston’s TD Garden was going NUTS! On each power play and penalty kill you could feel the tension of the crowd on the edge of their seats. Great stuff.

At the same time the Celtics-Cavaliers game was being played in Cleveland. This was more of a blowout and consequently my attention was on the hockey game instead. But still there were some amazing plays including Rajon Rondo’s must see fakeout. The Cav’s Lebron James is an amazing show every night he plays, however he is dealing with a right elbow injury so he isn’t at his best.

The late basketball game was the Spurs at the Suns in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semi’s. And this was a fantastic western shootout.

A little background: The teams hate each other, and the fans hate each other. This is mostly due to this being the sixth time the teams have faced each other in the post season in the past decade. U.S. Airways Arena was rocking from the opening tip to the final buzzer.

The NBA is always fun for me to watch because of the superstars. Phoenix’s Amar’e Stoudemire and Steve Nash were a joy to watch in this one. They played with so much energy and effort. Nash scored 17 points in the first quarter and was feeding off of the crowd’s emotion. On the other end, the Spurs looked out of the game and ready to throw in the towel several times in the game. And each time, when they were down by about 14 or 15, they would make a thunderous run and get right back in it. Tony Parker made some amazing drives to the hoop and Tim Duncan, although beginning to show signs of aging, is still a master at hitting that midrange bank shot.

This was all on one evening. And there is still more than a month of this craziness to go. Can’t wait to see what unfolds the rest of the way


An Orioles Sweep of Boston?? Gotta Love It!

So it has been about a week and a half since my last post…which was a calling for Dave Trembley’s head.

Since that post, the Orioles played two more lousy games in Boston. But then they got their act together and avoided the sweep on Sunday.

They took one of three from the Yankees in the middle of last week…not bad, it is the Yankees after all.

But in case you didn’t see the games this past weekend, the Birds completed a three game sweep of the BoSox in Baltimore for the first time since 1974. Yes, 1974!

Miguel Tejada was clutch on Friday night. And how about Ty Wigginton yesterday?? Veterans stepping up is a positive sign

It was so satisfying to see the team finally find success against Boston at the Yard. The past few years, like clockwork, the Red Sox fans come down here and watch their team DOMINATE the O’s.

Now I’m still not a believer that Mr. Trembley is the right man for this job in the future, but I applaud him for riding out one rough first month of play. He did it with class and stuck by his guys. I like that.

Let’s see if the team can carry the positive momentum they gained this weekend into this week’s three game set against the Yanks.

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