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Still Can’t Get Over Tuesday’s Orioles Game


Disclaimer: I still watch Orioles games. I talking big chunks of them, if not all nine innings. Despite football being right around the corner, I still care and watch a ton.

And to say that this season has been tough to watch would be a severe understatement. But nonetheless I still watch and part of me does so because with the sport of baseball, there is always the chance to see something new/different.

Take this past Tuesday evening for example. The Orioles and Yankees took just over three hours to play a nine inning ballgame. Pretty standard for a major league game. But pretty crazy when you toss in the fact that because of a four hour rain delay, first pitch wasn’t thrown until 11:08 PM…EASTERN TIME!

Because this was the last trip to New York the Orioles would make this year and there were no more dates on the schedule for make up games, Tuesday’s contest had to be played by any means necessary.

And did they ever.

Paul Folkemer of summed it up pretty well at this point:


Is…is this a joke? Is this actually happening? We’re actually going to play a baseball game in a downpour, four hours after the scheduled start time, in rain-soaked conditions that Noah himself would consider a dealbreaker? Do I even need to point out how incredibly and recklessly dangerous that is to the players on the muddy, puddle-ridden field, any of whom could suffer a season-ending injury with one ill-fated slip on wet grass? What is going on? This isn’t baseball– this is a soggy debacle.



What ensued was a rather exciting baseball game. The Orioles fell behind early 2-0. But then tied it up on a Matt Wieters homerun.

The birds fell behind again, 3-2. This time Nick Markakis tied it up with an RBI double.

But thanks to back to back Yankee homeruns in the seventh from Francisco Cervelli and Brett Gardner, New York sealed the deal.

The Cercelli homer (see top picture) was eerily reminiscent of the 1996 ALCS when 12 year old Jeffrey Maier reached over the wall to catch a ball that was ultimately ruled a Yankee homerun.

Words don’t do justice, this game was crazy to watch. It ended at 2:15 am with no more than 1,000 fans in Yankee stadium.

Just a bizarre night.


Video Blog?? Let’s Try It Out

Ok maybe this will be somewhat of a recurring segment of the ol’ blog…but here we go. I decided to plug in the trusty webcam and record two and a half minutes or so of me talking….YIKES. Let me know what you think. Cya.

Annoying Things Sports Fans Do


A fan wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey at a Cleveland Indians game is escorted out of the ballpark by police



I was listening to the Scott Van Pelt Show yesterday on ESPN Radio and he mentioned Austin Schindel’s article/slide show on Bleacher Report titled “The 30 Most Annoying Things Sports Fans Do.”

It was a fun discussion and thought I’d point out a few fun ones from the list (some of which I’m guilty of)

-Wear a jersey to a game where that team isn’t playing.

Full disclosure…I did this once. I was fifteen so cut me some slack. I was invited by a friend to go to an A’s-Nationals baseball game during the team’s first season in D.C. It was June 2005 and at the time the Orioles happened to be playing quite well (first place in the AL East, four games ahead of Boston). I didn’t give a hoot about either team so I wore my Miguel Tejada shirt to the game and purposely went up to the upper deck to walk around and try to get some comments. After a few “Baltimore sucks” and “Tejada sucks” got showered my way I was happy and went back down to my seats. Nowadays I see people at the games wearing a totally unrelated jersey and I think they are morons. Not saying you have to adopt a team or pretend as if you like one of the teams that are playing. But leave your jersey at home. Don’t care if they are your team since birth. I will give exception to golf polo shirts and flat brim caps for fashion if they have a team logo on them. But the jerseys?? Get em outta here!!

-Saying that we should go for it on 4th down…in the middle of the first quarter.

The article says it perfectly here: THIS IS NOT MADDEN! I happen to sit in front of two whiny babies at Ravens games all season and they always want us to go for it. How old are you?? Do you understand football. Yes, it would be nice if we went for it on fourth down all the time. That would be gutsy. It would also be stupid and end up giving us horrible field position 70% of the time. Sit back, cheer for the team, and let the coaches make the call. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. But if it is as juvenile as this one, keep it to yourself.

-Try to anticipate a play before it happens guy.

Oh I am totally busted. Ask my dad or any of my friends, I love calling the play before it happens. Most of the time I am wrong. And most of the time I’m just trying to look smart. Ravens on the goal line, play clock is running down and I confidently call “Toss right”. Play action to Heap instead. Yikes. Guess I should stop.

-Go behind sports announcers during post game and make stupid faces.

This is kind of annoying to me, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m going to take it a step further and bash the people who sit behind home plate at baseball games and have their cell up to their ear and wave all game. Guess what? You’re sitting behind the plate! You’re probably going to be on TV!! I don’t need you calling your friends and smiling and waving like you are at the Thanksgiving Day Parade asking “Am I on? Can you see me?” Just watch the game please.

-When people boo the guy in the shooting competion.

This is in reference to the on court shooting contests they let random fans participate in during timeouts/commercial breaks. But I gotta disagree on this one. See the fans want to see the guy do well. That part needs to be mentioned. They don’t want to see him fail. But if he does, he has the right to hear about it. And it is supposed to entertain everyone else in their seats. So if you are embarrassingly bad or just embarrassing period, I say it is fair game to boo. You could have said no when the arena staff asked you if you wanted to participate. So be prepared to suffer if you under perform, just like the players haha.

Wear a Jersey to Game Where That Team Is Not Playing

An Orioles Sweep of Boston?? Gotta Love It!

So it has been about a week and a half since my last post…which was a calling for Dave Trembley’s head.

Since that post, the Orioles played two more lousy games in Boston. But then they got their act together and avoided the sweep on Sunday.

They took one of three from the Yankees in the middle of last week…not bad, it is the Yankees after all.

But in case you didn’t see the games this past weekend, the Birds completed a three game sweep of the BoSox in Baltimore for the first time since 1974. Yes, 1974!

Miguel Tejada was clutch on Friday night. And how about Ty Wigginton yesterday?? Veterans stepping up is a positive sign

It was so satisfying to see the team finally find success against Boston at the Yard. The past few years, like clockwork, the Red Sox fans come down here and watch their team DOMINATE the O’s.

Now I’m still not a believer that Mr. Trembley is the right man for this job in the future, but I applaud him for riding out one rough first month of play. He did it with class and stuck by his guys. I like that.

Let’s see if the team can carry the positive momentum they gained this weekend into this week’s three game set against the Yanks.

O’s Finally End Streak, Dump Athletics 8-3

Ty Wigginton celebrates after hitting a two run home run in the ninth inning

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – Ty Wigginton homered and drove in four runs, and the Baltimore Orioles snapped a nine-game skid by beating the Oakland Athletics 8-3 on Sunday and spoiling Brett Anderson’s first outing since receiving a hefty new contract.

The Orioles avoided their first four-game sweep in Oakland since Aug. 23-26, 2004, jumping on Anderson (1-1) two days after the A’s gave the pitcher a $12.5 million, four-year contract.

Brian Matusz (2-0), like Anderson a hard-throwing lefty, delivered a much-needed morale boost for the struggling Orioles in his first career outing against Oakland. He struck out eight, allowing three runs on eight hits and one walk in 6 1-3 innings.

Baltimore (2-11) had lost nine in a row since its lone previous victory at Tampa Bay on April 8, and is off to the franchise’s worst start since beginning 0-21 in 1988. The Orioles also ended a nine-game losing streak at the Coliseum dating to July 22, 2007.

It doesn’t get any easier as the Birds leave the Bay Area, either. The Orioles continue their 10-game trip with three games in Seattle followed by three at Fenway Park against Boston.

Anderson, an 11-game winner in his rookie campaign of 2009, needed only 25 pitches to get through the first two innings. He retired the first eight batters of the game before giving up consecutive two-out singles to Cesar Izturis and Adam Jones and then Wigginton’s two-run double.

Nick Markakis followed with an RBI single to make it 3-0, Lou Montanez singled in a run in the fourth and Nolan Reimold hit his two-run double in the fifth.

Wigginton hit a two-run homer with two outs in the ninth off Chad Gaudin.

And as Orioles radio play-by-play man Joe Angel would say…”You can put this one in the win column!!”

The nine game losing steak is over and I’d have to believe an immense feeling of relief has swept through the Orioles clubhouse.

The bats finally came alive on Sunday as Baltimore tallied 11 hits. The birds also went 5-11 with RISP and only stranded four. Since Wednesday Ty Wigginton has four home runs and 10 RBI’s.

Brian Matusz was solid once again. It is hard to believe that Sunday was only his tenth career start. He has struck out seven or more in each of his three starts and has yet to give up a home run.

And give credit to closer Jim Johnson. He went out there and redeemed himself today after Saturday’s abysmal performance. Two innings pitched, one base runner, and no runs. A strong effort and he was rewarded with his first save of the season.

The road trip continues tomorrow night in Seattle with Brad Bergesen taking the hill for the O’s. Doug Fister gets the start for the Mariners. First pitch is 10:10

Comcast goin nuts in the 2nd half

Halftime: Ravens 20- Lions 3

Ray Rice has 151 yards rushing and Billy Cundiff has kicked two field goals to give Baltimore the 17 point lead.

It is VERY cold and wet here at the stadium. I envy the reporters who are in the toasty pressbox.

Recap to come later when Im warm and dry haha

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