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Greetings. It is the eve before the real part of the NCAA Tournament begins. I know the TV networks want you to believe these “first four” games are part of the tournament but c’mon, who are they trying to kid? These are play-in games. The good stuff starts tomorrow.

The Thursday and Friday of the what used to be the 1st round (it is now called the 2nd round because of the play in games which makes things more confusing) are up there with Super Bowl Sunday as my favorite sports days of the year.

I have wonderful memories of coming home from middle school and high school on these two days and there waiting for me was the madness! Already in progress! Yes! No waiting ’til primetime to see how my bracket is faring. I get to see it NOW!

See ya later soap operas. For a few days in March, NCAA hoops rules the daytime airwaves and cause a dip in production in workplaces around the country. I love it.

One aspect of the big dance the lures me and so many others to watch countless hours of it, is the sheer unpredictability of the whole thing. Granted, there are only about 8-10 teams each ear who have a real shot at being the national champion. However, the chaos that ensues in the early rounds is exciting and people want to see it. Cinderella’s knocking off the big dogs. The favorites hanging on. It is as sure a thing as the sun rising tomorrow that there is gonna be some tight games that involve overtime and buzzer beaters.

And amazingly, is almost always a sure thing that CBS’s Gus Johnson will be calling those games! And that is a great thing as well.

Johnson’s memorable calls over the past 5 years have made him as much a part of March Madness as the players and the teams. The excitement in his voice is so much fun to listen to. He can make any game feel that much more important.

But back to why these next few weeks are so great and why they lure so many to watch. It is simple really. The tourney as a whole lives up to the hype. We expect great finishes, and we get ’em. We expect teams winning games they shouldn’t. Check. We expect those who know nothing about college basketball to win their respective office pools. Check. Lastly, we expect uncontrollable emotions from the players. Shock, grief, and the agony of defeat show themselves in full force during this tournament. On the flip side, the excitement, pure joy, and relief of surviving to play another day can be seen on the faces of the victors every year.

So follow me this month (not always a smart plan) and forget your worries or troubles. Sit back, relax, and let the wonderful thing that is the NCAA Tournament overwhelm you with more basketball than you can handle. They say too much of a good thing is bad and that moderation is key. But I liken this to Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone eats too much on that night, and it is certainly not a bad thing at all.

So stuff yourself with some hoops baby!

Happy holidays!!


Conference Tourneys Underway…March Madness Looms

-I’ve been hooked to Championship Week and its only Wednesday. Monday night I watched a fantastic CAA Championship Game between VCU and Old Dominion. The CAA is no slouch, I think George Mason assured all of us that back in March of 2006. But I still think the conference is flying under the radar to most. Do not be surprised if Mason or Old “D” get past two or three opponents in the dance.

-Yesterday and today I’ve taken breaks from studying to catch some the Big East tournament. The top seeds don’t even play until Thursday! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t exciting basketball being played at the Garden in rounds 1 and 2. Seton Hall and Rutgers provided quite a show in the “battle of New Jersey” yesterday afternoon. Hall’s Jeremy Hazell drained a last second three pointer to send the game into overtime. But the underdog Scarlet Knights were too much in OT and moved on to play St. John’s on Wednesday.

-South Florida upset Villanova after being down 16 in the second half. That’s right…South Florida! Nova’s season has taken an absolute free fall. At one point they were ranked sixth in the country. Since Jan. 17, they own a record of 15 and 5, capping that with their fifth straight defeat Tuesday night. I believe they have kissed their at-large bid goodbye.

-Throwing away at-large bids is something the Maryland Terrapins know all about. The Terps couldn’t win on Senior Day against Virginia, which was just sad. The good news is, the loss didn’t change much for Maryland’s situation. The Miami loss already screamed IGNORE ME to the selection committee. So they UVA loss was more of a downer for the Seniors than anyone else. There is still hope for the Terps…albeit a dim light of hope. They play their opening round of the ACC Tournament on Thursday against N.C. State.  They only shot the Terps have of making the NCAA Tournament is to flat-out win the ACC’s. Their path to the title should they beat the Wolfpack? Duke, most likely Florida State, and most likely UNC in the final. Yikes! Once again…they have to win their first game to even think about the others.

Video Blog?? Let’s Try It Out

Ok maybe this will be somewhat of a recurring segment of the ol’ blog…but here we go. I decided to plug in the trusty webcam and record two and a half minutes or so of me talking….YIKES. Let me know what you think. Cya.

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