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Great time of year to be a sports fan

Apr. 29, 2009, 10:30 PM

Hello again. I’m back. Sorry for not posting in a while. It has been over a month since the last one regarding Maryland’s NCAA Tourny loss to Memphis.

A bunch has happened since then, the Masters, opeining day, Final Four, NFL Draft. And currently the NBA and NHL Playoffs are in full swing.

It got me thinking about how awesome this time of year is. Not only because the weather seems to be getter better by the day. But also because of the dramatic finshes in these basketball games. And the intensity involved with these playoff hockey games.

Over the weekend I was hooked on the Caps-Rangers game, and after it’s conclusion I caugh both of the overtimes of game 4 of the Celtics-Bulls game. And to think that in both sports we are still in the first round, aka eastern and western confernce quarterfinals.

That’s my little piece for the day. Sorry I know it is short. I have been doing some thinking regarding this blog. Iwill begin doing game by game recaps and sometimes previews of Oriole games this summer. My cell is capable of updating this blog on the go, so I will attempt to give “in game updates” from Camden Yards directly from my phone during select games in the coming months. So watch out for that. I promise to update more often, I have plenty of reasons to do so. These playoffs don’t end until early June.


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