Video Blog?? Let’s Try It Out

Ok maybe this will be somewhat of a recurring segment of the ol’ blog…but here we go. I decided to plug in the trusty webcam and record two and a half minutes or so of me talking….YIKES. Let me know what you think. Cya.


1 Response to “Video Blog?? Let’s Try It Out”

  1. 1 Pop March 7, 2011 at 8:14 am


    Great job on youe initial video blog. Granny and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. And I noticed a package of BOUNTY paper towels very prominent in the background. Is this just like on TV shows and movies where you show some product like a bottle of beer with the brand easily recognized then collect a big fee from the company? How much did BOUNTY pay you !!! I couldn’t recognize any items in your open storage ares in the opposite background. Maybe that was a good thing!

    In summary, a very good job on the sports but need to clean up the backgroung unless of course you have a brand name sponsor paying you the big bucks!

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