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Loving the Orioles Right Now

Have you been watching the Birds lately?? I know it can be hard to do so with football season now in full swing, but I encourage you to follow this team to the finish line. They are REALLY fun to watch. And they are beating the big dogs of their own division.

The O’s have been playing some outstanding baseball since new manager Buck Showalter arrived. The way they have been able to flat-out win in this final third of the season has been nothing short of remarkable. So with the help of the Orioles sections of,, and, I did a little bit of research…and the numbers are amazing.

They had a great August, going 17-11. Only one A.L. club, the Twins had a better record than the O’s. And at 12-7 this month, they are well on their way to producing the club’s first winning September since 1999 when they went 20-8.

Not surprisingly, the have gone hand in hand with a drastic change in the performance of the pitchers. During each of the first four months, Baltimore never ranked higher than 12th out of 14 A.L. teams in team ERA. In August they ranked 3rd, and this month they rank 5th

Here a few more notes to think about:

The Orioles have won 12 of their past 16 games. 10 of those 16 games were against either the Yankees, Red Sox, or Rays (all have appeared in the last three World Series’)

-They are 32-31 since the All-Star Break.

-Since Showalter took over, they are 29-17 overall and 13-7 on the road. (Road record under Trembley and Samuel? 14-40!!).

-And If the O’s can get a victory tonight, it would be their first three-game sweep of the Sox in Boston in 16 years.


Gametime Pushed to 4:15

Baltimore Ravens Press Release – The time of the Ravens’ game against the Bears, scheduled for this Sunday (Dec. 20) at 1 p.m. at M&T Bank Stadium, has been changed to 4:15 p.m.

Officials from the City of Baltimore recommended the time change to the Ravens and the NFL, because of safety reasons. “This gives the city more time to clear the streets and other passage ways around the stadium. It also gives us more time to clear the stadium of snow,” Ravens president Dick Cass said.

Cass also noted that 700 people will be at the stadium tonight and tomorrow to help clear the snow. This crew will work through Saturday and until game time on Sunday. The workers will be housed at the stadium club levels.

Hey now! This means fans will be able to get a  few extra hours of tailgating in. Nothing helps beat the cold weather like a few beers.

Speaking of beating the cold, there was an article in today’s Baltimore Sun about the Ravens performance at home when the temperature is below 40 degrees. Their record is 10-1, winning the last 10 in a row. Quite impressive if you ask me.

I’m currently writing my preview for Sunday’s game. It will be posted at some point tomorrow. Stay tuned…

Discussing the Ed Reed lateral issue

Dec. 30, 2008, 5:15 PM


I was reading a blog entry by the Baltimore Sun‘s Mike Preston this morning. The entry talked about the Ravens coaching staff telling Ed Reed to stop his habit of lateralling the ball after interceptions/fumble recoveries. Quite a few people responded to the post and the majority of the voices said they agree with the coaching staff that Reed needs to stop.

I do not share that opinion.

Ed Reed will go down as one of the best safeties ever to play the game. Why? Because he’s a playmaker. I believe if you want Ed Reed on your team, then you have to take the bad with the good. Is he going to mess up every now and then? Of course! Some say his mistakes cost the team games. That may be true, but off the top of my head only one game comes to mind where that would even be close to being the case. That game was the Monday night game last December against the Patriots, when New England running back Kevin Faulk stripped Ed and basically negated the intercepion he just made. Even in that case, the problem was ball control, not Reed lateralling it. I will take those mistakes with the game-changing ability that Reed brings to the table any day of the week. I think people need to realize what a great asset he is to the Ravens and not nit-pick over a certain aspect of his game. It’s a classic risk-reward debate. And with Reed, I’d say the reward is well worth the risk.

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