Lefty Goes to Krispy Kreme! No Joke!

The Augusta Chronicle: Angel Burley knew a golfer was coming to her drive-thru window at Krispy Kreme Doughuts on Washington Road by the pass on his windshield. It wasn’t until she saw the green jacket that she realized who it was.

Burley, a worker at the store, said she peered out of the window Monday to find a smiling Phil Mickelson and his daughter.

“When I opened the window I see the green jacket,” Burley said. “I said: ‘You won yesterday,’ and he started smiling and said, ‘Yeah.’ “

Burley said her boyfriend made her watch the tournament on Sunday so she knew exactly who was ordering at her window. Mickelson placed an order for a dozen each of glazed, chocolate and mixed donuts, she said. Burley said she and her coworkers all snapped photos of the Masters champion before handing over his order.

Greg Carswell, manager for the store, said he snapped the photo of Mickelson in the jacket. He also handed over the order of doughnuts for free to the champ.

“He was humble,” Carswell said. “You would think it was just a regular day for him.”

Yes! How cool is that? The kids want some doughnuts (I bet Phil was craving too), so he goes through the drive-thru wearing the freaking Green Jacket! How can you not love this guy? This just proves even more that he truly is the People’s Champ

Who knows? This could be a new “tradition unlike any other” for the Masters champion. Congrats again to Phil on a hell of a win.


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