Loving The New “Birdland” TV Spots

Alright so last week I caught a glimpse of the TV and there was commercial on featuring my favorite Oriole: center fielder Adam Jones. But this Oriole ad was different. You see, when it ended, I was pumped, excited, and ready to buy season tickets!! 

Ok maybe I got a little carried away. But let me walk you through the ad in case you haven’t seen it. 

It has Jones in the weight room doing squats, curls, and agility drills. He’s sweating like crazy and looks pissed off. While all of this is being shown you hear him saying: 

Last season, I earned the title: All Star.
So what??
I’m not working to be called Gold Glove winner or All Star.

I’m working for the title: World Champion. 

And when I earn that, I’ll rest 
…Well, probably not. 



Yes! This is a commercial I can be proud of! Who wouldn’t want to support the team after seeing this? 

There are two more spots that are currently airing that are very similar to this. One is with catcher Matt Wieters and shows him swinging away in the batting cage talking about how games are won and lost in the offseason. The other is with pitcher Brad Bergesen throwing some heat and claiming he can’t wait to attack 2010. 

Once again, I’m probably getting a little carried away here. These are only commercials. But when you contrast these to some of the commercials of last year…what a difference. 

Here are just two of the 7 or so ads that were running last year: 


First we have two young ladies at the game. The one on the left mentions how every game they attend, the one on the right just stares at “him”. She asks if she will ever say anything to “him”. We then see the Oriole Bird dancing on the dugout and find out who “he” is. Finally they get his attention and the one on the right blushes. “THIS IS TRUE LOVE” pops up on the screen. 

It’s cute, and I get it. But come on!! Clearly they are marketing the fun part of the game, and there is nothing wrong with that. But when it airs half a dozen times per telecast, it gets to be a little too silly for me. 


Second we have a father and son taking in a ballgame together. What is could be more American than that? Good start, this could be touching. So the dad starts saying that he enjoyed when his dad used to take him to O’s games the same way his son enjoys it now. And then the youngster agrees, asking dad if he too enjoyed the scoreboard games, the kids corner, the speed pitch and the Oriole Bird. Pops laughs a bit and claims the Bird was his favorite as well. The father-son duo pound fists and the words “A TRADITION WORTH SHARING” come up. 

Just like the previous ad, this focuses on the fun part of the game and is targeting the youth crowd that baseball games always attract. I totally understand. But we all know that in real life the dad would most likely have cited watching teams that won divisions, pennants, and world series’ as his favorite part of going to the games. Our young lad appears to be 10-12 year old range, meaning sub-par baseball is all he’s grown up with. No wonder he likes everything at the park EXCEPT whats happening on the field. 

To sum things up, I applaud the effort of whomever is making the decisions in PR/Marketing over at the Warehouse. The team finally has a solid foundation of young guys and I sense a renewed priority: Winning. These ad’s definitely capture that attitude. 

BTW: You can watch all of the new TV ads here on the O’s website.


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