2/17/09: Maryland-Clemson Halftime Update

Feb. 17, 2009, 8:35 PM

-Hello everyone. It is halftime of the Maryland-Clemson game right now, with the Tigers up 34-28 on the Terps. I have a few thoughts on what happened in the first half

-Clemson’s press looked very good, it was giving the Terps quite a bit of trouble. Even when they were able to advance the ball past half-court, Clemson was playing tough man to man defense. They were able to steal the ball with under 10 seconds to play in the first half and get an easy layup.

-Dave Neal is working his tail off and is doing a solid job against Trevor Booker. He leads Maryland with 7 points. It would be huge to have him keep this intensity up for the entire game.

-Landon Milbourne is great at finishing, so it is very frustrating to see him miss 15 footers over and over again, especially when the Terps have numbers.

-Terrance Oglesby killed Maryland last year with his sharp-shooting from beyond the arc. He has been held in check for the most part this evening, scoring only one 3-pointer. If he is not contained in the 2nd half it could mean a loss for Maryland.


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