Thoughts on the game

Monday, December 8, 2008: 10:30 PM


1) This was one of the coldest games I can ever remember attending. It sure will help make this game easy to remember years from now.

2) Ed Reed! The guy is simply sensational. Not enough can be said about him. He always knows where the ball is and once he gets his hands on it, he has a nose for the endzone. An interesting point, of the 11 career touchdowns Reed has scored, The two that have come via fumbles were both forced by him, recovered by him, done on Sunday Night Football, and done against the Redskins.

3) Flacco continues to NOT make rookie mistakes. He does everything the teams asks and then some. I know it helps to have a top ranked defense to fall back on, but if you were to write on book on how to ease a NFL rookie quarterback into the league…this would be the way to do it. Big props to Cam Cameron.

4) One thing that has helped out Flacco tremendously has been the consistent play of Derrick Mason. He catches pretty much anything thrown his way and his attitude and veteran leadership have had such a positive impact on this offense. He caught the game clinching TD pass last night.


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