A potential BCS Mess (again)

Sunday, December 7, 2008: 10:29 AM


Going into yesterday’s games…here is what the BCS Standings looked like: #1: Alabama, #2 Oklahoma, #3 Texas, #4 Florida

It was a very entertaining day of college football yesterday. But it now sets the stage for some major league controversy. Here are the facts: #4 Florida beat the the top ranked Crimson Tide of Alabama in the SEC Title Game. And in the Big 12 Championship Game, Oklahoma looked strong as they blew away Missouri. This sets up a potential Florida – Oklahoma BCS Title Game…something I have a problem with. What about Texas? The so called experts on ESPN were saying yesterday that Florida has to be in the title game, for they just beat the number one team in the nation. OK, that is a legitimate argument. But wait a minute. Didn’t Texas beat the number one ranked Sooners way back on October 11? Why does #4 Florida leap frog over #3 Texas? Just because Florida beat a number one later in the calendar year, does that make their win better? Lets look at the two teams head to head. They both beat the number one team in the country on neutral fields and they both have one loss. But lets look compare those losses. Texas  lost on the road 39-33 on Nov. 1 to then #7 Texas Tech. Florida lost at home to then unranked Ole Miss on Sept. 27! Based on that, I say the advantage goes to Texas. But to be fair to Florida, it should really be them versus Texas. Because based on a head to head match up, Oklahoma should not be ranked ahead of Texas AT ALL! Texas beat them fair and square on October 12. The BCS is a MESS!


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