Ravens continue to roll, crush Bengals 34-3

Sunday, November 30, 2008: 5:07 PM


What a statement made by the Ravens this afternoon. Here are my thoughts regarding the win.

1) MARK CLAYTON: What a game by #89. If he had found a way to score on the ground he would have become only the 8th player in NFL history to run, catch, and throw a touchdown in the same game. Two spectacular catches were made en route to a 159 yard day in overall receiving yards

2) DOMINANT D: Once again the D came to play. They were suffocating against the Cincy run, allowing only 57 yards, and held the Bengals to 98 yards passing. Jim Leonhard topped the beat-down off with a 35 yard interception return for a TD.

3) McCLAIN DOES IT AGAIN: Le’Ron McClain went over 85 yards on the ground for the 2nd time in as many weeks, he is running the ball like a machine. It is unbelievable how agile and quick he is for carrying a 260 pound frame.

4) WILLIS WHO?: After talking about McClain, it’s hard not to talk about the absence of Willis McGahee. He dressed for the game but did not get one carry, sitting on the sideline the entire game. I do not believe he is hurt…maybe he has not shown the effort in practice. I really can’t explain this. But to have him complimenting Rice/McClain can really make this rushing attack a threat every down.

5) JOE FLACCO: All the guy does is make the plays time and time again. He got sacked a few times, got hit more than few times, yet still made no costly mistakes. You really forget he is a rookie with the composure he has and the decisions he makes.


1 Response to “Ravens continue to roll, crush Bengals 34-3”

  1. 1 Matt Berger November 30, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    bro this is incredible stuff. i had to give up my blogging at wnst for a while because i have too much school work but this is really in depth. god i’m banking on the ravens now because both terps teams seasons are over, i sure hope 10-6 makes the playoffs this year because it really might not. if we go 10-6 and don’t make the playoffs, i dunno what i’ll do.

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