Ravens – ‘Skins Dec. 7 matchup gets “flexed”

Monday, November 24, 2008: 6:00 PM

Ray Lewis and the Ravens got flexed today

Ray Lewis and the Ravens got flexed today

•Sorry this news is a little bit late but it is noteworthy anyway. I first heard of the news this morning around 10:45. The NFL announced today that  they are bagging the Patriots and Seahawks game that was scheduled for Sunday Night Football on Dec. 7. In that game’s place they will put the Ravens vs. the Redskins. This is a great example of the league using it’s flexible scheduling feature. Something that was added in the 2006 season. With the ability to “flex”, the league can pick the best game from each Sunday and move it to the 8:15 time-slot, if the best game isn’t already there. This makes everyone happy. Fans will want to tune in and that is always good news for the NFL, and in this case, NBC. It is a pretty safe assumption to say that the Ravens will wear their black uniforms for this game. They didn’t have a scheduled home night game this year so it looked as if the black uni’s might take a year off.

•I think I like the Packers on Monday Night Football this evening. Well I am off to wing night now. Thank you for reading.


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