Streak for the Cash

Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 11:04 PM


•Over on, there is a fantasy game that is free to play and open to anyone (Well, almost anyone. You have to be 18 and live in the U.S.). It is called Streak for the Cash and it is very simple to play and seemingly impossible to win. The first person to get 25 consecutive picks right wins $1 million.  The things you can pick range from college sports to pro sports to soccer games accross the pond. Some are stright up pick the winner. Others are “props” where you predict which will have more yards receiving, or something along those lines. You can only get in around 3 picks a day max though because once you make a pick, you cannot make anoither one until your current one goes final. I have been playing for a few months now and the best streak I have thrown together is 6.  There is a leaderboard you can check out and it usually has people hovering around 20. And they almost always fail. The whole reason for me writing this post is not to promote ESPN, but to point out that as of tonight, there is one user who is sitting at a streak of 23. 2 correct picks away from a cool million. That is awesome. But can you imagine being that close and being on the wrong end of a 50-50 selection. Oh my the agony. Here is a link to that leaderboard


1 Response to “Streak for the Cash”

  1. 1 Coach Sykes November 21, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    Looks good Will! I will be looking for a detailed description of the Spartans victory over Penn State tomorrow (and maybe some mention on Live on 5). Keep up the good work and make sure Lochte stays under control at practice.

    Coach Sykes

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