O’s introduce new logo, jerseys

Nick Markakis and Adam Jones in the new jerseys

Nick Markakis and Adam Jones in the new jerseys

Nov. 12, 9:16 PM~~Today the Orioles unveiled new uniforms for the 2009 season. The home jersey is pretty much exactly the same with the exception of a new stripe on the sleeve and a new Maryland/Orioles baseball emblem on the other sleeve. The big change though was the return of the word “Baltimore” to the front of the road jerseys. For the last 36 years the birds would have “Orioles” on their chest while playing in opposing cities. I never liked that. I understand the aim of upper management to market the team to the whole Mid-Atlantic region but come on. You don’t have to ignore the existence of the city you play in to reach out to others. Prior to today, you could not find an official letterhead, piece of merchandise, anything that had the word Baltimore Orioles on it. I feel that this move, putting the city name back on the jersey, was long overdue. When the Washington Nationals arrived 4 years ago, the change should have been made immediately. It’s nice to finally have some pride on the shirts…Now it is time to make some changes on the field. I don’t care what it says on the jerseys, every Oriole fan deserves to have a good product on the field. And that has not been the case for 11 years now.


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